Think Innovative and Out Of the Box for Link Building

Think Innovative and Out Of the Box for Link Building

Over the past few years and in its traditional sense, Link building has seen a lot of changes and is no longer an implemented long term SEO tactic. There are many people who use black hat link building in past such as framing and Guest Posting. So, Google has made it clear that inbound link building is not the ultimate SEO method.

According to Moz, here is the idea how link building has been changed now:

  • If you want trustworthy link from authority sites, you need to provide value in terms of information, products and services you are offering.
  • You should prove your value in the market of different social media platforms.
  • Natural consistency is the key: you have to provide regular value, not too rapidly as to raise suspicions, but rather not occasionally that you drop off the radar.

Brand Name:

If your brand name is showing everywhere throughout the web then it is a certain sign to Google that you have a trusted value. Notice of your brand in your niche on different platforms even without a link are progressively supported by Google’s algorithm and can show you are producing buzz without even requesting it.

Social Shares and Third Party Reviews:

Availability on social media is having more noteworthy impact because that’s how Google give ranking to sites but this hasn’t been proven yet. Studies shows that more social media mentions give you high trust and authority from Google.

The same goes for your brand review on third party review sites such as Yelp and Trip Advisor. Google use such survey websites to reviews how your brand performing in their rating system. Urging your clients to leave reviews on other sites can help your SEO endeavors and also support your position in the online survey circle.

Making the couple of inbound links here and there will obviously do not harm, however it is always safe to attract links based on your value. Start building trust and authority for your website and you will see some great results soon. Think about long term strategy for your Link Building Plan and then start building links.

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