Tips To Write Effective and User Friendly Web Content Part – 2

Tips To Write Effective and User Friendly Web Content Part – 2

Writing web content is not an easy task for anyone. It demands patience and lots of efforts to prepare an informative and attractive content. And, there is no heartbreaking if no one visits your website or if your website gets very low amount of visitors.

Well, as no one would prepare the mediocre contents purposely (especially when it is concerned with his bread-butter), the only possibility remained is that they miss the right strategies to prepare such content.

Anyway, you won’t have to go through such inconveniences anymore. Here we have come up with some more tips of preparing web contents which drive more audience and make them read.

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1. Have The Eye CandiesThink Visual

One picture is equal to thousand words. The same rule is applied for the web content towards making your contents catchy. There must be the perfect balance between the visuals and the contents.

People sometimes set their mood according to the image; in fact, it’s the image that tends them to go through the entire content. Even if it’s an informative, how-to or guide kind of content, you must mix the due quotient of charts, lists, flow diagrams, etc., into it. The best ones to refer in this context would be the info graphics.

2. Put the Outstanding Shades, Styles and Structures

Content must be conveying. Here you don’t need to talk to convey, but your words and the structure of the post should. Just like you use different pitches, sentence breakers, use different tones to express a certain mood, similarly, your content structure must also have the outstanding breaks.

The heading should be bold, the sub headings should be comparatively smaller but should have a different texture to get highlighted (you may use a different color as well). If there is still something you want to categorize under a subheading, you can make it italic or of a different color. The overall intention is that it must get noticed by visitor.

3. Interact with ReadersInteract

Humans are social. No matter how boorish someone is, but it’s impossible for someone to survive without interacting. In the case of blog post, the audience loves to participate. You must invite them to question or comment, and you must answer them in the best possible way. In addition, you can also use quizzes, giveaways, highlighting the winners on social media, etc. can make your posts more engaging.

4. People Want Your Take

It’s a wrong perception for many people that only the informative contents work. With such mindset, they simply gather news, information, etc., from different sources and overload the content with boring data.

For example, the audience doesn’t want the same news of a terrorist attack, about the latest upgrade of an operating system, or something like that. Rather, they would love to go through your take on the matter. Yes, you may stuff something new as information for them and highlight it.

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5. Play With the Words, Especially with Adjectives

When you are creating a web content, verbs and adjectives are very useful to create an attractive and engaging content.

For example, a quote “Quintessential Messi stormed in the last-minute to score the historic goal” is obvious to drag more attention than something like “Messi’s last-minute goal made Barcelona win”.

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