Top 5 Free WordPress Plugins for 2016

Top 5 Free WordPress Plugins for 2016

WordPress has been thoroughly endearing by coming up with extremely user-friendly Plugins in a consistent fashion. Be it bookmarking or social media sharing, these plugins have been prolific all the way.

However, being top notch about customization is something that distinguishes the WordPress Plugins from the rest. Again, these plugins have been quite specialized regarding applicability, starting from the e-commerce to conventional blogging.

On this context, here we present the best Plugins one should go with for 2016.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is one of the finest recommendations to stay assured from the threats like data hacks. It remains in a no stopping mode putting the extraneous elements out and offers more control for the admin. Especially, it does a commendable job of detecting and notifying the threat well before it invades or does any harm.


Any website gets the worst impression when it takes a plethora of loading time. And, you must know that your plugin plays a big role in enhancing the loading time. WP-Optimize is a perfect pick on this aspect keeping the unwanted stuffs away of the upgraded ones, hence maintaining the size of the database and ensuring quicker loading time.

W3 Total Cache

It’s not only the data retrieval that makes the website loading process time consuming. Rather, the aspects of server efficiency and CDN incorporation play a much bigger role. W3 Total Cache is a fantastic product developed in the best fashion to ensure the minimal download time, enhanced server performance; and above all, it delivers the most flawless content delivery network (CDN) incorporation.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Making things easiest and most user-friendly for SEO is certainly one of the prime reasons for making WordPress ravishing popular. Credit goes to the upgraded tools like WordPress SEO by Yoast. It is quite significant about Meta tag formation keeping things easiest for the newbie. Also there are many other SEO features of this plugin like sitemap, robot and .htaccess file editing, analysis for your content and many more. In short, it is a must have SEO plugin for your WordPress website.

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Cresta Social Share Counter

Social sharing is now easier in WordPress with Cresta Social Share Counter. It makes the whole social media sharing aspect accessible straight from the blog post. Its social share counter tells the number of time your article/post has been shared that can make the audience aware about its relevancy.

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