Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

Are you a digital marketer? Are you using any chrome extension for your chrome browser? If no, then it is the high time to learn about these extensions and increase your productivity by using them. These extensions are very useful for a digital marketer to save their time by quickly analyzing some crucial factors of a chrome extensions

List of Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions for SEO & Digital Marketers

1. Google Tag Assistant

This is a chrome extension which can easily be downloaded and installed in the chrome browser, and it can be of great use to verify whether or not you have installed different tags appropriately on your website.

  • The Google tag assistant will give you information about the tags that have been installed and also suggest any required improvement that can be made to make sure the user is making a good use of these tags.
  • This extension can also help to suggest you about diagnose and fix the problems related to analytics installation.

2. Mozbar Extension

In the world of extensions, this one is considered really convenient SEO tool which allows the chrome user to view all the SEO metrics while he is surfing or browsing on the web.

  • The Mozbar itself is no larger than that of chrome extension bar and it doesn’t really take up much space on the chrome browser after the installation.
  • Once you have installed the mozbar extension, it will show you all the customized information such as page information, social stats of the page, highlighted link locations, keyword scores, and DA (Domain Authority) – PA (Page Authority) metrics as well.
  • It also offers a pro account that makes all these areas appear deeper in depth and highly accessible. The pro version also provides better and deeper SEO statistics.

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3. Open SEO Stats

This chrome extension has been used widely, and is considered master tool by many digital marketers.

  • Open SEO Stats tool was earlier called as Page Rank Status, for this tool provides easy access to all basic SEO information without even modifying the tab you are in.
  • When you install this chrome extension and start using it, you get information about certain thing that include Google page ranking for the particular page, overall ranking of the webpage, quest cast rank and alexa rank as well.
  • It also provides the information on the SEO stats, link stats, traffic on the page and also gives details about the speed of the web page. But this tool is still not able to offer its mobile friendly testing.

4. Majestic Backlink Analyser

One of the highly accessible and demanded Google chrome extension is the Majestic Backlink Analyzer. This extension is widely used to access backlink data.

  • It has similar function as that if Moz and Ahrefs and works really wonderful as chrome extension. But this tool is still pretty much different from the above two mentioned extensions.
  • It differs in how it especially useful in backlink analysis, rather than focusing only on the page elements.
  • Majestic Backlink Analyser offers quick licks to different majestic tools and without subscribing to this extension you won’t really get as much data, but still this extension is really useful to get some basic idea about backlinks.

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5. Builtwith Technology Profiler

Builtwith has record of around quarter of a billion websites, which is huge, isn’t it?

  • It has database of the many websites and technologies that are used to create those websites.
  • Once you install the builtwith technology profiler and start using it in chrome, this tool will help you to access its database to find out the respective technologies that have been used to build each site that you have visited.

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