Top 5 SEO Content Writing Tips for Beginners Part – 1

Top 5 SEO Content Writing Tips for Beginners Part – 1

Having personal skills, passion and some experience in SEO content writing, the task would be easier. For increasing web traffic, it is a simple and excellent way that would save some money that you may have opted to spend on paid advertisement techniques.

Content certainly attracts the readers and directs them to access your website. Gaining traffics and improving traffics is not just the only purpose of the contents, it engages the persons on your website which would be helpful in selling products and services.

For becoming a blogger and a content writer, few content writing tips can be gainful for the beginners. Some of the first 5 tips are as follows-:

1. Know Your Readers

This is the first and most important tip to be remembered.

  • Compose content that would be interesting, informative and educational.
  • Let your content words speak to the group of readers or customers.
  • Engage the premiums for your market objective or answer inquires made by the readers.
  • It is simple to get done with concentration, even though several organizations make the wrong content types.

2. All Content in One Domain

Your website deserves to gain traffic if it holds a unique content with your own domain name.

  • Don’t post your blog with WordPress or Blogger; instead, host the site in a subfolder like
  • Showing the unique substances on your website to the viewers like podcasts or info graphics must be available all the time, so install onto the website.
  • Catchy titles and headlines for attracting eyes of the readers, it is important that the titles and headlines must be catchy which would create a great impression.
  • The given title above the content must be descriptive enough and short in length. Clear and fascinating headlines with the use of rich catchphrases must be done to improve rank.
  • With the title and headline, the Meta description even must be likewise catchy with the use of rich catchphrases as both the title and Meta description are to be appeared on the search engine list.

Subheadings would motivate the readers – As the titles and headings are important, the subheadings are even the reason for keeping the readers stable on your content, these makes the content swimmable.

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3. Keywords with Rich Phrases in the Content

KeywordsUsing the keywords with rich phrases in the content would let your readers and the web search tools know the importance of your post and what it is about.

  • Getting focused on to use keywords with rich catchphrases never use excess keywords that would result in web index penalties for catchphrase stuffing and would even destroy your readers.
  • Always use the keywords with great concentration and attention.

4. Content Structure

With a good and effective content structure you can define your effort. Always show your content in a well-organized form like separating the content into smaller divisions with sub headings like h2, h3 and so on.

5. Right Textual Style

The content must be in a right textual style which would make the content simpler and fascinating.

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