Top 5 SEO Myths You Should Ignore Right Now!

Top 5 SEO Myths You Should Ignore Right Now!

SEO is a primary concept of digital marketing. Though it has some core principles those will probably stick around with it forever; there are still some nuanced aspects present demanding continuous change.

Over the last few years of SEO, professionals have seen remarkable changes in the search process, queries identification and interactive results. It also makes us knowledgeable about how search engine crawlers, indexing, and page ranking works, including how to get more traffic for the site. SEO is now granted as the top internet marketing solution.

Major Transformation in SEO Tactics

But in 2016, you’ll find SEO with major changes and is receiving many updates from Google every year. You’ll experience today’s SEO with Mobilegeddon update. The Google’s updates towards its Panda, Hummingbird and Penguin have entirely shaken the SEO world. Nowadays professional SEO services provider and marketers available globally have cut short the process of link building as well as keyword infatuated traditions and changed them to put more focus on the content quality.

Does this mean that the job of an SEO expert is limited to high-quality and keyword optimized content? Not at all! The job of an SEO outsourcing service expert is more than what we think. The continuous change in SEO has put marketers in a confusing state to know what is outdated and what is significant. Besides, they are really in trouble to find what will essentially need and what will simply make the effort worthless.

Hence, this guide is prepared to educate marketers about the common SEO myths that should be debunked and leave behind in 2016. So, let’s get started.

Five Common SEO Myths That You Should Leave Behind In 2016


1. More Links Are Better than More Content

In earlier days, creating more links for SEO work was possible without determining the linking domain. With the help of it, your website was confident to get high rank on search engines. Link building is still an essential part of page ranking factors. The Search metrics says it’s one of the five most essential ranking factors, but link building has to be carried out in an unparalleled manner than you used to.

Back in May’13, Google has introduced Penguin 2.0 in the digital age and since then the change is spontaneous. Today, it is highly imperative to put more focus on the quality of the links rather than quantity. The most common question in this section is “where to invest in, content creation or link building”. Links are the significant part of your website.

However, if you have resources and funds to invest in your website, then it is good to hire someone with creative mind for content creation for your website. When businesses frequently hire someone for link building, they give more focus to quality of the links more willingly than quantity of the links, but it is not a game changer anymore. Today, it is crucial to have diverse and relevant sources to make links of your website relevant to pages. Contents can be used for various reasons and for all content types to bring more links towards the business website.

2.SEO is all about Rankings

Though there is a strong relationship between placement of search results and click-through rates, ranking is not at all the optimum end target to achieve. Research on users’ behaviour and click-through rates have depicted that searches are the key to getting you in top position of search results. And with the help of search results, now you can add text or snippets- are the results emerge below the top three search results which are receiving more click through rates.seo ranking

Ranking doesn’t assure you in driving success before all of that were implemented. Theoretically, it could give you tons of traffic; you can get well ranked on the search results and so on. Are these your goals to achieve? Getting higher ranks of search results will don’t create more traffic, it’s completely a myth. In reality, the users will be undoubtedly able to see your listing, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll get more clicks.

And, there are two key reasons for this i.e. one – you don’t have appropriate keyword strategy for implementation as you are trying hard for raking your keywords those are isolated from your field; second- your inserted meta descriptions are not engaging and attractive enough to lure more users. You can now get rid of these problems by using the heavenly features of Google Webmaster & Google Analytics. It will help you in creating great keyword strategy according to your online business. Make sure that you are using tempting Meta descriptions to get more people attracted towards your site.

3. Keywords Need to Be an Exact Match

Keywords should not be repeated throughout the entire content sheet. Keywords should be used in the content to make sense and easily understandable to the audience.

Thus, your goal should be to create eye-catching headline that will clearly show what your content is all about. Keyword repetition will make the content sheet and headlines awkward and worse. Keyword stuffing is the process of implementing more keyword phrases on the page. Back in 2007, Google’s Matt Cutts have informed us towards keyword stuffing for getting high rank on search engines.

Some of the SEO outsourcing service providers have didn’t take it into their concern till Google come up to the market with its new algorithm updates which are solely created for targeting bad contents due to keyword stuffing. According to the Google’s webmaster guidelines, keyword stuffing is not at all acceptable as algorithms of Google are getting advanced day-by-day and if you do keyword stuffing, then you’ll be penalized for that.

4. The More Pages I Have, The Better

Earlier days, professional SEO services provider know SEO was all about influencing data as well as keywords for gaining high rankings on search engines. According to the Google’s quality rating guide introduced in August last year, but modernized SEO tactics are all about addition of quality than quantity.

Logically, getting numbers of pages for your website will give you better page rank, but practically it’s not because what you publish on the web will not get indexed totally. Sometimes the pages get indexed but don’t maintain the same for long. Also, getting pages indexed will not mean that they will get you qualified leads and traffic. Moreover, those are having more pages in their website should also pay attention to the content quality. So, make the contents better and best as well as it should be relevant to your business.

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5. Local SEO Doesn’t Matter AnymoreLocal SEO

This myth couldn’t go further than truth. If you are a locally owned and operated business, then optimization would not help you get located, but you will get located by the people nearer to your place and make them buy from you. Google put extra efforts to make the best content search available on the search results.

The proof of this can be found in July’14 when Google has emerged in the market with its new Pigeon algorithm. With the implementation of Pigeon algorithm, the local search rankings will turn to act as traditional search rankings which take numbers of ranking signals into concern. Pigeon algorithm also helps to improve the way Google calculates distance to determining the page rankings.

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