SMS Marketing

sms marketing

SMS Marketing- A Simple but Effective Marketing Strategy for Promoting Brands!

SMS is a simple text message that is used by different companies as a means of marketing. A text message is carefully written with an intention to promote the brand’s message. SMS marketing is a permission-based text messaging service and each customer permits to the companies for sending text messages that are easily readable and permission based.

Companies collect mobile numbers of the customers from different ways. The companies having permission from the customers can distribute the messages to the contact list. The companies decide which customer base is to be targeted and what it wants to share.

Send Personalized SMS and Get Effective Responses

Successful SMS Marketing campaigns are depended upon certain aspects. Short and concise messages with a clear call to action aspects are essential for creating a successful SMS marketing campaign. The messages are personalized that includes the first name of the customer which increases the chances of getting better and effective response.

There must be a call to action in your SMS. Call to action could be a phone number, website link or an email address. Without a call to action, the companies will not be able to track the response or effectiveness of the SMS marketing campaign. Relevant marketing through SMS has higher success rates and with this different groups can be targeted.

SMS Marketing: An Effective Part of Multi-Channel Marketing

SMS Marketing is currently considered as the best and cost-efficient marketing strategy. Different brands are targeted to make a successful move, and thus SMS Marketing is growing as an effective part of multi-channel marketing.

6 Advantages of SMS Marketing

1. Instant Deliverable

An SMS is send to the targeted audiences with lightning speed. SMS reaches to the pockets of the audiences within few seconds. The average speed of sending to receiving an SMS is less than 7 seconds. There indeed are other marketing strategies that work fast but SMS marketing is comparably swift than the others!

2. Highly Flexible Platform

Sending numbers of SMS to any targeted group or the entire list of contacts is quite flexible. A well-planned SMS marketing service is highly effective for the enterprises. The customizable SMS messages can easily address the needs of the audiences or the SMS subscribers. Let it be a promotional message or any quick updates from the enterprises, SMS can be easily customized as per the needs of the businesses. SMS Services easily also integrates with other online marketing strategies.

3. Higher Rates of Opening

In comparison to emails, SMS has higher rates of opening. Almost every SMS received by any person is opened and read whereas, on the other hand, only a few emails are opened and read! The subscribers are likely to open the SMS when their mobile vibrates. There are some text messages that open automatically whereas the emails fail in such feature.

4. Higher Rates of Conversion

SMS has higher rates of subscriber action. The actions for the text messages are higher in comparison to different marketing and promotional campaigns. Thus, SMS marketing ensures higher rates of conversion which indeed is beneficial for the enterprises.

5. Trusted

As the emails are spammed and have to go through different email filters, the text messages don’t have to pass through any filters and are not spam. This establishes a direct connection with the targeted customer base as well as other marketing strategies as they don’t have to face and overcome any barriers.

6. Short Messages with Great Effectiveness

It is a big challenge for the enterprises to make use of the 160-character length SMS. This is a boon for marketing or promoting. Thus, the SMS must be clear and concise as well as to-the-point. SMSs are short messages with great effectiveness! So, preventing to add any unnecessary things in the content, the enterprises can establish a good customer base.

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